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We are a family construction business specializing in remodels, located in beautiful Sonoma County. Started by our father Don, aka “The Boss”, 40 years ago, the business grew in tandem with Don’s growing family throughout the years. Growing up, we lived in so many incredible places as our father and his team built luxury spec homes from Southern California to the pioneer mountains of Idaho and as far across as the big island of Hawaii.
As a home neared completion, he would immediately begin working on another custom home and the cycle continued until just recently when dad finished his 100th custom home.

Childhood was never dull for us, while other kids’ arts and crafts consisted of construction paper and paste, we had tile and grout! Early on we would help where we could, from cleaning to learning how to properly (and safely) use tools.

As we moved into adulthood, we realized that this huge part of our lives and our father’s legacy needed to carry on. Now with 3 children, two grandchildren, and one four-legged baby (Ryder, our yellow lab), Don is begrudgingly retired but wants to continue the work with his family in an advisory role. Now, with all of us looking to re-focus the next chapter of our lives, we’re more excited than ever to help continue Don’s passion and craftsmanship for building.

After the devastating firestorm of 2017, the concept of what a home is really took on a new meaning for us and provided tremendous clarity in us relaunching the family business. We were fortunate to have not lost our homes but the personal tragedies shared with us by friends reminded us that the home as a whole, is so much more than the sum of its parts.

During Sonoma’s current period of rebuilding, finding a trusted contractor able to dedicate appropriate time to your building projects can be difficult or impossible.

We ALWAYS have the time for you.

With over 30 years in custom homebuilding, we have more than enough experience to steer your remodel or renovation project through to completion with ease. Because we’re family, we know each other strengths and we all bring something to the table to make the process seamless. From maintaining an outstanding relationship with the folks at the city and county permitting departments to treating every subcontractor as if they were our own family member, we adopt a professional and respectful teamwork-based approach every time.

We take pride in our work always being reliable, on time, on budget, clean, COVID safe, and our attention to the smallest details. We have in depth knowledge of green materials, cost affective home remodeling, and the processes it takes to get your home remodel project done on time and to your satisfaction.

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